To Whom It May Concern,

We are writing this reference letter on behalf of Hook & Hook Renovations. We are homeowners in Abbotsford BC and had the pleasure of working with Hook & Hook on a new construction home. Larry took over the project after the drywall was installed and delivered an outstanding result. Larry built everything from the custom cabinets that are in almost every room of the house to the multi floor staircase with craftsmanship and precision. One aspect that we appreciated was the commitment to customer service provided. No project was too difficult or a problem, there were only solutions. Whenever we gave him an idea that we liked or if we wanted to change something that may not have been discussed, there was no resistance met, just a good attitude with maybe even some suggestions of his own to make it better. Another standout attribute that we will always remember was the creativity brought to the project. Instead of relying on an image that was copied or off the web, each custom feature piece was created out of Larry’s mind by looking at the space it was to be in. Sometimes it just started with a sketch on the wall that the piece, such as the mantle and surround above the fireplace, was to be located. Between the willingness to do what he homeowner wants without hesitation and the quality of workmanship displayed by Hook & Hook I would not hesitate to hire them again and would recommend them for any project. Please feel free to contact us regarding any aspect of the project that was done by Hook & Hook.

Adrian and Sandra Reglin

To Whom It May Concern:

As newly arrived residents from out of province to Sidney, and after recently acquiring a waterfront home that is in need of significant renovation, we were challenged with finding a contractor team with whom we could feel comfortable in collaborating and building our final dream home. We were at a significant disadvantage arriving on Vancouver Island in that the real estate market and associated scope, schedule and cost in carrying out these renovations was beyond anything we had experienced during our lifetime of building or renovating our previous homes.

We researched a number of potential contractors and were extremely fortunate to find Hook and Hook.  During our initial interview we were certainly impressed at the level of rapport we were able to quickly establish with Andi and Larry, and in particular their shared vision and enthusiasm for the project.  They were extremely candid in answering some of our pointed questions.  They provided us with references who we called and followed up, receiving nothing but extremely positive feedback on the work carried out by Hook and Hook – Quality of workmanship, communication, and management of customer expectations, including achievement of estimated cost and schedule. We also visited a customer’s home which is currently in the final phase of completion and were very impressed by all facets of the design and workmanship; with Hook and Hook receiving accolades from the customer.

Based upon our extremely positive interaction with Andi and Larry along with the excellent feedback of their previous clients, Hook and Hook became the obvious choice for us to work collectively in turning our renovation into our dream retirement home. Although in the early stages of our renovation project, we have certainly been impressed at the design work carried out thus far along with the interaction with Andi and Larry.  They work extremely well together as a cohesive team and share our vision and goal in respecting the character of our home while updating it to showcase the positive attributes of the property.  We look forward to the next phase of our project working with Hook and Hook and achieving our dream of living on the water in beautiful Sidney By The Sea.

Philip and Deborah Dodge

To Whom It May Concern:

Earlier this year I found myself in procession of a house that, at its best, was sad and in desperate need of work.  I approached the idea of some renovation by asking friends and acquaintances if they’d had a positive experience with a local contractor.  From that poll, I was connected with Hook and Hook Renovations and met with Larry that same day.  After a walkthrough of the house and discussion of a wish list and approximate budget, Larry said that he and Andi would be in touch to further discuss planning and style of the project.

True to their word, I received a scope of work, 3D renditions, options and samples for materials and colour schemes soon after our initial contact.  Work began shortly thereafter.  As with most renovations, other issues presented themselves as the work went along.  Each challenge was met with professional and creative thinking.

Phase 1 of my renovation project has given me a house that I am proud to call home.  Andi and Larry took the time and care to get to know me and give me surroundings that I love to come home to.  Friends have been amazed by the transformation.

I look forward to continuing work with Hook and Hook Renovations and completing phase 2.