Step 1
Design Consultation
In our initial phone conversation, we arrange a date for an on site Design Consultation where we will walk through the space with you to get a sense of how we will move forward.

Step 2
Acceptance of Design Proposal, receipt of payment, commencement of project
After our Design Consultation, our team will craft a Design Proposal to outline our design plan and the cost of your design. 

Step 3
Trade Day
On-site measurements, photos and final criteria meeting

Step 4
Execution of floor plans & 3D renderings
Our team begins the foundation for your customized design project. This will include specifying and sourcing custom elements, as well as comprehensive personalized designs.

Step 5
Design Presentation
A very exciting day! We meet to present the design, furnishings, materials and pricing. At this stage, we take your feedback and decide if any revisions are necessary before determining next steps.

Step 6
Placement of orders
Our team will place orders for materials, furnishings & trades for your project. Will give you updates for delivery lead & time assessment.

Step 7
Review of budget
We will review the project budget, any additional design hours, styling budget, trades.

Step 8
Initiation of construction
Trades, subcontractors and suppliers move onto the job site. We will provide site checks for project accuracy. Create an installation calendar & manage your project.

Step 9
Installation period continues, and receipt of orders
We will facilitate the efficient progression of the job.

Step 10
Furniture installation and styling
Provide you with a fully finished space/spaces to enjoy for years to come.

Step 11
Clients Reveal
The big day has arrived, we will walk you through your finished space/spaces

Step 12
Deficiencies walk through
We will walk through through the completed project & we’ll make a deficiency/punch list.

Step 13
Resolving deficiencies
We will send the trades, sub-trades or supplier our deficiency/punch list to be resolved in a timely manner.

Step 14
Client closure meeting, final invoicing
We will go over the project, all final paperwork and invoicing.

Step 15
Presentation of client binder and thank you
The client binder is a catalogue of all materials, furnishings, appliances and products used on your project.


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